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New Bethany Ministries COVID-19 Community Plan for Action

For 35 years New Bethany Ministries has been a first responder to the social needs of our local community. That remains the case today, especially in the wake of the global COVID-19 outbreak. The staff and Board of New Bethany Ministries is closely monitoring community public health response in this time of crisis. We are taking all necessary preventative measures in our residential facilities and will continue to feed any person coming to our doors.

Please note the following organizational precautionary procedures, effective immediately:

Meal Center services will continue. New Bethany staff will be leading curbside pickup for lunch. To the best of our ability, lunch will continue to be a hot lunch. Service is from 12-1pm, our normal scheduled mealtime.

Meal Center volunteers are encouraged to use your judgement. If you are scheduled to prepare or serve a meal and do not feel comfortable coming in, please stay at home. People who are potentially more susceptible to contracting COVID-19 are especially encouraged to remain at home. New Bethany staff does have a backup plan in the event of minimized volunteers.

Day Shelter and dining room are closed until further notice.

Food Pantry services are open from 10:30-11:30am weekdays, our normally scheduled hours. People may be asked to be served outside, keeping our reception area free from crowds.

Hospitality Center services remain open. Public showers, laundry services, and retrieving your mail.

Representative Payee services remain open per our usual schedule.

New Bethany main office will remain open and staff will remain available.

Note that this is an external community plan. New Bethany has also distributed an internal plan for staff and residents to protect themselves throughout this time.

Resource Links:

Governor of Pennsylvania Website
CDC (Center for Disease Control)