(610) 691-5602
(610) 691-5602

Executive Director

New Bethany Ministries (“NBM”), Bethlehem, PA seeks a new Executive Director to lead our work in creating opportunities for a secure future for the homeless, hungry, poor and mentally ill. NBM’s goal is to help families and individuals who are capable to become self-sufficient and live independently. We also strive to identify and optimize opportunities and improve the quality of life for our guests who cope with mental illness, disabilities, and/or extreme poverty. The Board seeks an effective leader for the next stages of New Bethany’s path of service. The key responsibilities of that individual will be to:

• Maintain NBM’s high quality, efficient and effective program delivery
• Provide compassionate and effective leadership to staff and volunteers
• Display passion for and dedication to the issues and concerns of the people NBM serves
• Understand and be committed to the individuals and families NBM serves
• Lead efforts to obtain resources from public and private sources.
• Sustain NBM’s culture of community service and voluntarism
• Work with the Board in the key governance roles of planning, oversight, stewardship, and resource development.
• Build NBM’s capacity for future service
• Collaborate with the Board to prepare NBM for the future via strategic planning.



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