Our Staff

Souper day 2

The staff of New Bethany Ministries is comprised of a dedicated, passionate, and caring group of professionals. Our staff has a combined total of over 100 years' worth of experience in case management and social services.

Main Office Number: 610.691.5602

Office Hours: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Marc Rittle, Executive Director
Jmrittle@newbethanyministries.org | Ext. 205

Tina Sargent, Director of Finance and Administration
Tsargent@newbethanyministries.org | Ext. 207

Sandra S. Bieber, Director of Development and Communications
Sbieber@newbethanyministries.org | Ext. 206

Veronne Demesyeux, Director of Operations
Vdemesyeux@newbethanyministires.org | Ext. 203

Liliana Kelhart, Finance Manager
LKelhart@newbethanyministries.org | Ext. 202

Lupita Bonilla, Office Coordinator | Ext. 201

Lori Nagy, Supervisor- Housing | Ext. 230

Pamela Lewis, Manager- Community Partnerships | Ext. 208

Manager- Family Housing (open position) | Ext.212

Brandy Garofalo, Director - Mollard Hospitality Center | Ext.210

Adam Gerhart, Assistant Director - Mollard Hospitality Center | Ext. 220

Jason Maisonet , Assistant- Food Pantry | Ext. 230

Brian Baker , Intake Coordinator

Rick Epler, Facilities Manager

Carlo Frank, Maintenance Coordinator

Shardae Darden- Caretaker

Erica Ortiz, Caretaker

Emily Forrester, Caretaker

Steve Balshi, Truck Driver