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Newsletter: January 2017


2017: Everyone Matters


Thank you for your kindness and generosity in 2016. Thanks to your partnership we will be able to not only continue to serve those most in need in our community but expand our services as we hope to complete our new food pantry and welcome two families into our newly renovated homes during the first half of 2017. 2017 also will be the year when New Bethany Ministries celebrates the lives of those we serve through the theme Everyone Matters. New Bethany and those that support us – all of you – understand the importance of treating each individual with kindness, respect, and compassion. In 2017 we will be working to break down barriers and to help our community understand the diversity of the population we serve and the issues that make our services essential. There are many things that can bring a person to need our services. I have said it before…but for the grace of God go I. Help is never easy to request. That is why it is important that every person who comes to our door knows that we care, that we listen and do not judge, that they are welcome. Our only goal is to make it possible for each person to enjoy a secure future. Please join us in 2017 as we demonstrate that in the Lehigh Valley Everyone Matters.


Diane Elliott
Executive Director

A Kitchen for Christmas


New Bethany Ministries and First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem Partner on Kitchen Renovation

New Bethany Ministries and First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem have started 2017 with the formation of a new partnership project. The two organizations will work together to renovate the industrial kitchen at New Bethany Ministries’ Mollard Hospitality Center, located at 341 West 4th Street in Southside Bethlehem.

The kitchen at New Bethany Ministries’ Mollard Hospitality Center helps the organization serve two meals daily Monday-Friday: a continental or hot sandwich breakfast, and a hot, nutritious lunch. The kitchen prepares meals for approximately 175 people daily, and served over 69,000 meals in 2015. Members of First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem supply food, prepare, and serve a pancake breakfast on the first and last Saturdays of each month at the Center. This meal is run on a volunteer basis by members of the generous Congregation. The Hospitality Center’s kitchen has not been renovated in over twelve years. This joint project will help New Bethany Ministries provide a more accessible and more efficient kitchen to the over 850 annual volunteers whom help serve meals at the organization.

Funding for the kitchen’s renovation was donated by thousands of members and visitors of the Church’s congregation during this year’s seven Christmas Eve services. Over $30,000 was contributed by members and visitors of the Church for the joint project, entitled “A Kitchen for Christmas.”

Representatives of both organizations met on Thursday, January 5th to celebrate the collaborative accomplishment. Representatives took celebratory pictures at both First Presbyterian Church of Bethlehem, as well as at New Bethany Ministries’ current kitchen, in order to symbolize the joint commitment to this partnership project. Plans to update the kitchen facility with the assistance of experienced kitchen planners are underway.

Serving Saturday: A Volunteer Experience for the Whole Family


Our Pantry Progress


Members of the R.K. Laros Foundation presented New Bethany Ministries with a $40,000 contribution towards the organization's new choice-based Food Pantry renovation project at the end of 2016 (above). Along with the R.K. Laros Foundation, a private family Foundation, the City of Bethlehem, the PNC Foundation, the Lehigh Valley Community Foundation, and individual donors have also contributed to the project. Learn more about our vision to make food even more accessible to those in need here, or check out more on the R.K. Laros Foundation's support here.

Interested in supporting the new Pantry efforts? Text "NBMPANTRY" to 91999 to make a donation with your debit or credit card, or click here.

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

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