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Restoration House Program

Our Restoration House Program is an 18 to 24 month transitional housing program for families in which at least one parent is interested in furthering their education. Families must apply for the program, and must be able to provide proof of homelessness, a source of income, and have taken steps to pursue and educational program.

During the program, single parents must attend and complete an educational program, earn monthly income, and pursue a full-time job upon completion of their education. Two-parent families must have one parent enrolled in an educational program, while the other parent maintains full-time employment.


The objective of our Restoration House Program is to equip participants through individual goal setting, education and life skills to achieve self-sufficiency. Upon completion of the program; participants will have accomplished the following:

1. Finished an educational program
2. Increased income
3. Secured permanent housing

Participants are supported throughout the program with one-on-one case management services, referrals to community resources, savings programs, and life skills workshops to assist participants in transforming their lives by learning how to prioritize their responsibilities and achieve self-sufficiency.

In 2016 alone, our Restoration House Program served 16 families comprised of 16 single mothers and 27 children.

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